Safety instructions and warnings

  • Note! The Wireteknik products must not be used if the operator has any doubts about how to operate the product! Please contact Wireteknik at if further instructions are needed.

  • Only qualified operators should install, operate, adjust, maintain, clean or repair Wireteknik products.

  • The products are designed for general use in normal environments. Special work environments such as: explosive, flammable or corrosive, only the user can decide the suitability of the machines in these conditions or extreme environments.

  • The swaging machines are only intended for swaging full steel wire rope and rod.

  • When swaging rod, a special grip compound must be used. Make sure to clean swager and roller dies after using grip compound and apply rust preventative.

  • Follow operating instructions for swaging machine used.

  • Keep well clear of swaging machine when in use.

  • Use only when physically fit.

  • Use personal protective equipment, ear- and eye protection.

  • The fasteners should not loosen regularly, yet periodically check the fasteners and tighten if necessary.

  • Clean the product routinely and keep it rust free by applying rust preventative.


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