Operating instructions

  1. Choose the pair of roller dies that corresponds to the cable diameter, and slip them onto the cogwheel synchronizing pins. The arrows on the dies should always be in the swaging direction.
  2. Attach the terminal to the attachment fixture on the drawbar, and adjust the length so the roller dies meet the terminal shank at desired position.
  3. Apply just enough hydraulic pressure so that the roller dies holds the terminal firmly. Then mark and insert the cable into the bottom of the terminal throat.
  4. Move the transparent protective shield into position. Apply hydraulic pressure to draw the terminal between the roller dies.
  5. When the roller dies rotate, they will press the terminal shank onto the wire rope.
  6. Measure the diameter of the terminal after swaging, and compare with the swage dimensions list.

Roller Swagers

Our policy is one of the continual development of safe, reliable and functional fastenings for cables.

Note: The swager is designed to reduce the terminal shank to required diameter in one pass. However dimension variations of terminals, cables or material hardness could make it necessary to pass the terminal twice.

Note: When swaging solid rods, a special swaging compound must be used. After swaging wipe off the roller dies and swaging machine, and apply a corrosion preventative.