Art. No: CHL-6 / CHL-10 / CHL-11 / CHL-13, Bended Links
Art. No: “Olives”, M10-M5 / M12-M6 / M14-M8 / M16
¼”-7/16” / 3/8”-9/16” / ½”-5/16” / 5/8”
Metric and UNF, Right- and Left Hand Threads
Art. No: BP4-8, Ball Puller 4-8 mm Stem Balls
Art. No: BP10-12, Ball puller 10-12 mm Stem Balls
Art. No: UNF NUTS, ¾” / 7/8” / 1”, Right Hand Thread
Art. No: MP-1, Multipurpose Pulling Tool
Art.No: PP6.2, Fork Puller Small
Art. No: PP10, Fork Puller Medium
Art. No: PP20, Fork Puller Large
Art. No: F2, Fork Small, Pin Diam 6 mm
Art. No: F3, Fork Medium, Pin Diam 10 mm
Art. No: F35, Fork Medium, Pin Diam 12 mm
Art. No: F4, Fork Large, Pin Diam 16 mm
Art. No: M12/M20 Adaptor