Portable Roller Swagers


The principle is simple. The terminal itself drives the roller dies. The machine works with a freely rotating pair of rollers, driven when the terminal is drawn between them. It is a simple and robust design with the minimum of movable parts, making it reliable both in the field and in rational production.

Development was quick. In many fields, the need for high strength swaged terminals is considerable. The machines perform quality effectively on solid rod as they do on full-steel wire rope. The breaking load is as high as that of the rod or wire.

Electricity, Air or Manpower

A big advantage with our swagers is their portability. One man can do the job, whether he uses a manual pump, an electric motor or compressed air. Due to the portability, a permanent on site solution can be achieved in all circumstances. The range is wide, and the capacity is from 1,6 mm – 40 mm, wire or rod.

Spelter Sockets and Sleeves Replaced

Our technique provides an alternative to sleeves, spelter sockets and the joining of non weldable materials.

LLOYD’S Certificate

Evidence of the strength and reliability of our technique is the approval from Lloyd’s Register of Shipping.

Our customers

Among the companies placing their confidence in us are Atlas Copco, Alfa Laval, British Rail, NATO, Seldén Mast AB, Spine Robotic, US Navy, Yamaha, Swedish Rail, the Swedish Army and National Power, Swedish Forest industry, the Commercial Fishing Navy and the University of Stuttgart.